These are things that I love that help me and my kiddos (6, 4, and 2) get through the day a little quicker and easier.

Kitchen Gadgets

Vacuum Sealer – we use this ALL the time to seal bags of chips/cereal/cracker bags and to freeze meat or leftovers so they'll last a long time!

Strawberry Huller – This fun little gadget gives you a quick way to pull the stems off strawberries with the least amount of waste!

Pineapple Slicer – Cut and slice a pineapple in 2 minutes flat!

Silicone Pastry Brush – This is a must for making grilled cheese sandwiches much faster. I melt a few pats of butter in a small glass bowl in the microwave on 20 seconds on high, and then use this brush to brush butter on fresh bread. The bread then goes in the pan or on my Cuisinart grill. This is much easier than trying to spread cold butter onto soft bread.

Cherry Pitter – My kids LOVE cherries, so pitting them fast is so important when you have salivating little ones! This pitter pits 6 cherries at a time.

Bathroom Helpers

simplehuman Square Soap Pump – I got fed up with my kids trying to push down on skinny soap pumps, and then having the pumps fall over, so we got this little gem. It has a large square base, is easy to push down, and doesn't tip over! We love using this with Method Sweet Water refills – this soap is triclosan-free!

Step stools – once my kids turned about 1, the could stand at the sink while we helped them wash their hands. Because we have higher bathroom counters, we start with using this Cosco Folding 2-Step Stool and then graduate to this Graco Transitions Step Stool when the kids get taller.

BABYBJORN Toilet Seat Insert – I prefer these over the floor potty seats because you flush and it's done! No clean-up required. This seat has a rubber bottom so there's no slipping and my kids always felt secure sitting on this seat. It's great for elongated toilet seats too.

Timeless Toys

Natural Wood Blocks – We bought blocks like these at Costco and my kids love building towers, houses, castles, bridges, etc. I love seeing how proud they are of their creations.

Ways to Make a Little Extra Cash

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