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Qixels Fuse Blaster Review

My boys each got a Qixels Fuse Blaster for Christmas. The Qixels Fuse Blaster is kind of like a Perler Bead alternative, but instead of using an iron to make the plastic beads stick together, you use water in a water gun! My daughter has loved Beados¬†in the past, which has a similar concept, but […]

Easy DIY Valentine Treat Bags and Toppers

Today we made Valentine treat bags and toppers for Sage’s and Liam’s classmates (2nd grade and preschool). Liam especially loved this, being the worker bee that he is. He was so happy to count out the bags, fill them with candy, and decorate them with stickers. I did consider using printable Valentine treat bag toppers, […]

Best Kids Books (Pre-K to Kindergarten)

March is National Reading Month

March 1 kicks off National Reading Month. Reading picture books is one of our favorite activities, in addition to kids craft kits, of course! For the last 6 years (since I was pregnant with my first), I have been on the hunt for kids books that would engage, entertain, and delight my children. Reading is […]