Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies in a Jar

Thanks for Making Me a Smart Cookie - Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies in a Jar

If you're like me and have more than one child, thinking of meaningful Christmas gifts for my kids teachers has always been challenging. I wanted to make a homemade gift that my kids could help with. Because I had a lot of extra mason ball jars, I thought a cookie mix in a jar would be a great gift, and inexpensive to boot! Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies in a Jar seemed like the perfect gift.

We started with the recipe below from Organized home.

Ingredients (for one mason jar)

  • 1 wide-mouth quart (4-cup) canning jars with lid and rings
  • 3⁄4 cups brown sugar, packed
  • 1⁄2 cup white sugar
  • 1 cup sifted flour, all purpose
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups rolled oats
  • 3⁄4 cups butterscotch baking chips


1. Sift flour before measuring. In large bowl, combine flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking soda and salt.

2. Layer in butterscotch chips, oatmeal, layering the flour mixture last.

3. Add mason jar lids.

4. Print a greeting card and the recipe card needed to bake the Oatmeal Scotchies. Cut the cards apart and attach to ribbon.

Let the Work Begin!

Since I adapted this for 6 mason jars, I multiplied all of the measurements above by 6. Then we got to work! We started by sifting the flour – Liam was all about this and he and Sage took turns.

Sifting Flour - Oatmeal Scotchies in a Jar
Then we measured the flour and put it into a bowl that was sitting on our kitchen scale (zeroed out, first, of course!). This is important because later, we divided the dry ingredients into 6 equal portions (by weight). We measured the dry ingredients (brown sugar, white sugar, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, baking soda, and salt and dumped them into the bowl. Measuring dry ingredients was fun for the kids, and it was easy to clean them up afterwards!

Dry Ingredients - Oatmeal Scotchies in a Jar
Then we mixed the dry ingredients together with a whisk. I tried mixing with a spoon at first, but you really need a whisk to make sure ALL of the ingredients are incorporated.

Mixing Dry Ingredients - Oatmeal Scotchie Cookies in a Jar
Then we added the butterscotch chips to the ball jar. It was really hard to resist eating these yummy chips!

Pouring Butterscotch Chips - Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies in a Jar
Once the jars are filled with the butterscotch chips, you'll wonder how you're going to get the oatmeal AND the rest of the dry ingredients in… but it does work!

Butterscotch Chips - Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies in a Jar
Adding the oatmeal was pretty easy…
Pouring Oatmeal - Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies in a Jar

The dry ingredients were a bit harder, because you do need to make sure you're adding the appropriate number of oz or grams to each jar. Proportions are so important in any recipe!
Weighing Dry Ingredients - Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies in a Jar
Here's what the jar looked like filled to the brim! The Organized Home site says you can use your Foodsaver accessory attachment to seal these, but when I tried, it didn't work for me. Because the dry ingredients are sitting on top, the flour, etc. gets on the “seal” of the lid, and the lids won't stay on.

Filled to the Brim - Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies in a Jar
After adding the ball jar lids, we added a little brown ribbon and a free “Thanks for Making Me One Smart Cookie” printable from Sweet Metel Moments. The kids signed their names, and we taped the printed recipe card inside the printed card.

Thanks for Making Me a Smart Cookie - Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies in a Jar
The best part of making these homemade gifts was seeing the pride and satisfaction on Liam's little face! He and Sage were so happy to make their handmade Oatmeal Scotchie Cookies in a Jar for their teachers!

Child with Oatmeal Scotchies in a Jar
Have you tried any cookies in a jar recipes lately? How did they turn out?


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Button Art

ALEX Toys Button Art lets your toddler create their own “mosaics” using big and chunky buttons. I love that this toy can be re-used over and over again!

Age Range: 2 to 4 years


Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Kit

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Sew Cool Sewing Machine

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Age Range: 6-11 years


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Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio Artist Set

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Age Range: 6-12 years


Color Counts Animals

MindWare Color Counts Animals is a color-by-number activity that let's your child color in beautiful illustrations. You can use your own colored pencils or fine tip markers. Great for rainy days and traveling. Age Range: 6-10 years $25

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String Art Cards

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Get the Spirograph Deluxe Design Set and re-live memories from your own childhood! You and your kids can use the interlocking gears and wheels to create distinct designs with colored gel pens. Age Range: 8-15 years $24

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MindWare Imaginets lets your kids use their imagination or follow cards to copy using magnetic shapes. They can make vehicles, animals, and more! Age Range: 3+ years $27

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Art Desk

The Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk holds plenty of art supplies so your child can draw, color, and paint to their hearts delight! The white board can be easily wiped and the desk is easily cleaned. This is a gift that can be used for several years. Age Range: 3-7 years $90

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Knot a Quilt Kit

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Scientific Explorer Young Architect Building Set

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Multi-Craft Weaving Loom

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Lauri Toys Primer Pak

The Lauri Toys Primer Pak makes a great travel toy, allowing your child to lace, put together puzzles, and interlock foam shapes. This kit also encourages creativity and fine motor skills! Age Range: 3-7 years $12

Skinz Design Studio Motorized Vacuum Chamber

With the Graphic Skinz Design Studio Motorized Vacuum Chamber your kids can apply “skins” to 3D models and decorate them however they wish! The vacuum sucks air out of the chamber, and makes your design stick to your model. Age Range: 8-15 years $30

My Ribbon Barrette Maker Kit

Your daughter can make her own barrettes that she can wear herself or give to friends with the Crorey Creations My Ribbon Barrette Maker Kit. Makes 16 barrettes and includes barrettes, ribbons, beads and organizer. Age Range: 7+ years $19 What do you think? Are there any other craft kits or craft toys that you would add to this list?