Quick and Easy Lego Valentine Box

quick and easy lego valentine box

A Lego themed Valentine box is the perfect Valentine exchange box for any Lego fan. Saying that my kids are Lego fans is an understatement! Liam wanted to make this quick and easy Lego Valentine box for his first grade Valentine's Day party.

We started with a box (this box is from Kidstir), but you could use a shoebox too. We started by cutting a rectangular hole  – a slit to hold Valentine cards – out of the top of the box with a steak knife. It helps if you draw the rectangle with a pencil before you cut into the box.

Then we took red bulletin board paper and wrapped the box like a present (you could also use red wrapping paper). We cut the red paper where the rectangular hole was and the folded and taped the paper under the slit in the box.

To make the Lego studs (these are the “knobs on top of a Lego brick), we took a used Amazon shipping box and traced and cut six circles out of the cardboard box. A 16 oz water bottle was used to trace the circles with a pencil. To make the studs red, we we laid each cardboard circle on top of a red square of paper that was slightly larger than the circle, and cut “sun rays” out of the red paper, then folded and taped them to the back of the stud.

Here is a photo of the wrapped box and studs before we stuck them on the box.

Lego Valentine Box.

Liam wanted to write “Love” on top of the Lego studs instead of the usual Lego brand name. He used a pencil to write Love first on each of the studs.

Lego Valentine Love Lettering


Then he used a red Sharpie marker to make to lettering brighter and more noticeable. I do get a little nervous when little hands use permanent markers around my house, but lucky for me, Liam is an especially careful 7- year old.

Lego Valentine box red lettering
I thought we might be done with decorating the box at this point, but Liam thought the box needed a little more Valentine's Day bling, so I got my trusty heart punch out. Liam punched out several pink hearts out of pink construction paper to cover the sides of his box using a glue stick.

Lego Valentine box with hearts.

Liam was so proud of his Lego Valentine box!

Lego Valentine box finished

This was a super quick and easy Lego Valentine's box. We hope this post helps and inspires your Lego fanatics!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a fun pink Heart Owl Valentine's Box that we made for Sage's 3rd grade Valentine's Day party.

valentines box owl pink

We made this owl using a large heart paper punch and scrapbook paper to make paper hearts. We covered the front and sides of a box (you could use a cereal box) with pink paper, and placed the paper hearts on the box using a glue stick. The owl's head was made using pink hearts, and the bottom of the owl was made using varying colors of pink scrapbook paper.

We tucked 2 pink hearts for the wings on the side of the box and used circle punches for the eyes (white and black). The orange nose was made using an orange heart that we turned upside down. We had a red ribbon as a decoration for the owl's “hair”.

Sage made the “love bug” that is sitting on a the owl's body, and attached it with pink accordion paper slips to give the bug a 3D effect.

We cut a slot in the top of the box with a knife so her classmates could put valentine's cards in the box while the box was standing up.

Sage was so proud of her Valentine's box! Perfect for 3rd grade!

valentines box owl pink class

Valentine’s Day Craft Kits Available!

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close to my heart valentines craft kit

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Easy DIY Valentine Treat Bags and Toppers

Today we made Valentine treat bags and toppers for Sage's and Liam's classmates (2nd grade and preschool). Liam especially loved this, being the worker bee that he is. He was so happy to count out the bags, fill them with candy, and decorate them with stickers. I did consider using printable Valentine treat bag toppers, but using only cardstock and stickers made this easier for me and made it more fun for the kids!

To make these bags, you'll need the following:

First, we counted out the number of bags we needed (29 in Sage's class and 8 in Liam's class). Liam helped me fill the bags with candy.

treat bags filled with candy

Once that was done, I used my paper trimmer and cut 8.5″ x 11″ red cardstock into 4″ x 3.5″ rectangles.

scoring paper

Once the rectangles were cut, I used my scoring board and bone folder to indent the paper to make it easier to fold the rectangles in half. I really love my Martha Stewart scoring board, it makes it so easy to get a perfect, even fold!

scoring paper with bone folder

scored paper

I then took the 4×6 treat bag and fold it over at the top slightly, using the cardstock to sandwich the treat bag. We added two staples to the middle part of the cardstock. The staples were covered up later by our mailing labels and valentine stickers.

stapling treat bags

stapled treat bags

The kids wrote their names on mailing labels and stuck them on the cardstock (over the staples).

writing name on treat bags

And then they put the foam stickers on the cardstock.

sticking stickers on treat bags

And these are the completed Valentine treat bags! So easy peasy and so fun for the kids too!

valentine's day treat bag toppers

valentine treat bag toppers

Happy Crafting!


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Valentine Bookmarks

Valentine's Bookmarks

Hi everyone! I meant to post this a few days ago but I've been a little under the weather. We put together some Valentine bookmark crafts for my daughter's Valentine's day party at school. Instead of giving classroom Valentine cards and candy for the classroom, Sage will be giving these cute Valentine bookmark craft projects to her classmates.

Valentine Bookmark parts
Valentine Bookmark parts

I bought felt bookmarks from Michael's. They came in packs of 18, so I bought two packs since she has 27 classmates. I got the foam heart stickers, made by creative hands, from Meijer. The pink ribbon was also from Michael's. All in, the crafts cost about $8. We put the crafts in some 5×7 ziploc bags. My daughter put a Valentine's day sentiment in and zipped up the bags.

Valentine Bookmarks complete
Valentine Bookmarks complete

I love that her classmates will be able to do a fun, quick craft at home. They will also be able to use this Valentine craft as a bookmark, which is great because they are learning to read!

10 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

10 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays because it reminds us to tell our family and friends that we LOVE them. This is something that we don't do enough of! I want my children to keep their expression of LOVE top of mind year-round. Here is a round-up of some fun and easy Valentine's Day crafts that you can do with your kids.

Handprint Heart Tree

Handprint Heart Tree
Handprint Heart Tree

This is a super easy paper craft! Trace your child's hand on a green piece of paper and cut it out. Glue the hand cut-out (the “trunk”) to a white piece of paper. Cut out red and pink hearts with a heart punch, use foam heart stickers, or trace some hearts using a heart shaped toy in your house. Glue the paper hearts (the “leaves”) to the white paper to surround the trunk.

From: Prutti's World

Yarn Heart Cards

Yarn Heart Cards
Yarn Heart Cards

Using a hole puncher, punch holes to form a heart shape into cardstock (or download the heart template here; login required). Thread yarn through the holes in the cardstock using a yarn needle. Give your yarn heart cards to your loved ones! This is a good valentine craft for kids who are developing fine motor skills!

From: Parents.com

Heart Bird Feeder

Heart Bird Feeder
Heart Bird Feeder

This craft is made using birdseed, unflavored gelatin, cookie cutters, and twine. For step-by-step instructions and photos, see Alphamom.com. The best part about this Valentine's craft is letting your kids watch the birds eat from the birdfeeder they just made!

From: Alphamom.com

Crayon Hearts

Crayon Hearts
Crayon Hearts

Put shaved crayon on waxed paper and fold. Put kraft paper on an ironing board and put your waxed paper with shavings on top. Iron with a few passes until the shavings have melted. Let it cool, then cut out heart shapes. Attach a string to hang.

From: Martha Stewart

Valentine Garland

Valentine Garland
Valentine Garland

Cut out strips of red and pink paper. Curl ends with scissors. Attach curled parts of paper with glue or glue dots, sandwiching thread between the tops of the hearts.

From: Weddbook

Valentine's Day Heart Lei

Valentine's Day Heart Necklace
Valentine's Day Heart Necklace

Here a great valentine craft for kids who like necklaces and dress up! Take a piece of red yarn, and thread cut out paper hearts and pieces of straw to create this fun and easy necklace!

From: Make: Craft

Layered Heart Art

Layered Heart Art
Layered Heart Art

Draw a heart on paper. Punch out hearts using a heart punch or cut out your own hearts. Glue hearts onto the outline of the paper, starting with the exterior of the heart first. I like this craft because is so easy – you can even use glue dots to make the craft less messy!

From: Smashed Peas and Carrots

Valentine Mailbox

Valentine Mailbox
Valentine Mailbox

Such cute box for the kids valentine cards! Take an empty cereal box and glue the lid closed. Cover it with white (or any other colored) paper using a glue stick or glue. Cut the “lid” out on the top with scissors, leaving the back intact for the hinge. Cut a mail slot out. Cut out X's and O's, hearts, and lettering out of paper and glue to the box. Staple or glue a “tab” to the “lid” of the box so kids have an easy way to open the box.

From: Spoonful

Valentine's Checks

Valentine's Checks
Valentine's Checks

Download the printables from here. Print them out and staple them together. Let the kids write checks to express their love! This is a great valentine's craft for kids who are learning to write (e.g., kindergartners and up).

From: Spoonful

Valentine's Day Heart Pencil Toppers

Valentine's Day Heart Pencil Toppers
Valentine's Day Heart Pencil Toppers

Twist red pipe cleaner into a heart shape and attach to top of pencils using a hot glue gun. Great non-candy idea to give out to friends in class.

From: The Gunny Sack

These are some great Valentine's Day crafts for kids that will help your kids celebrate the holiday of LOVE (with the side benefit of keeping your household busy!). Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine Wreath

Valentine's Day Wreath

Today I created a Valentine Wreath that would be an easy craft project for me and my kids to work on. I got the idea from Pinterest – it has so many Valentine's day project ideas that are beautiful, fun, and easy to create! This fluttering heart wreath from Better Homes and Gardens, was the inspiration for the wreath that I created. Because this project involves sticking paper to another surface, it is a great project for kids that is also mess-free! Bonus!

So how did I put this wreath together? I started by punching out the heart shapes with a heart punch. I used different color paper that I had sitting around the house – in pink, light pink, red and patterned paper that related to Valentine's Day. I punched out about 60 hearts.

Valentine Wreath Punch
Valentine Wreath Punch

Then, I took each paper heart and applied a glue dot to the bottom of each one and adhered them to the foam wreath forming a heart-shaped ring. I started putting the hearts on the center of the foam heart wreath first, then I put the hearts on the outside and then inside. When you're putting hearts on the outside of the wreath, make sure you can envision the outer edge of the heart shape that's not quite formed yet so you can get a nice “heart” shape.

Do the same thing when you're adding the hearts to the middle of the wreath. Of course, if you're doing this project with kids, you probably won't get a perfectly shaped heart part but that’s okay. For the hanger, I took some gross grain ribbon and adhered it to the back of the foam wreath with glue dots.

Valentine Wreath
Valentine Wreath

So that's it – what a fun, easy Valentine's day project that you can work on with your kids! This Valentine wreath will go on our front door and I know our kids will be really excited to see it when they come and go from the house every day!

Valentine Wreath completed
Valentine Wreath completed

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