Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a fun pink Heart Owl Valentine's Box that we made for Sage's 3rd grade Valentine's Day party.

valentines box owl pink

We made this owl using a large heart paper punch and scrapbook paper to make paper hearts. We covered the front and sides of a box (you could use a cereal box) with pink paper, and placed the paper hearts on the box using a glue stick. The owl's head was made using pink hearts, and the bottom of the owl was made using varying colors of pink scrapbook paper.

We tucked 2 pink hearts for the wings on the side of the box and used circle punches for the eyes (white and black). The orange nose was made using an orange heart that we turned upside down. We had a red ribbon as a decoration for the owl's “hair”.

Sage made the “love bug” that is sitting on a the owl's body, and attached it with pink accordion paper slips to give the bug a 3D effect.

We cut a slot in the top of the box with a knife so her classmates could put valentine's cards in the box while the box was standing up.

Sage was so proud of her Valentine's box! Perfect for 3rd grade!

valentines box owl pink class

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