New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids

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Here are some fun New Year's Eve ideas for kids who want to bring in the new year with a bang! Adults don't have to have ALL of the fun on New Year's Eve.


  1. Make a balloon countdown by blowing up colorful balloons and taping them to your mantel or a wall. Pop them as the hours go by!
  2. Create DIY noisemakers by adding dried beans or rice to an empty juice box and a Popsicle stick. Decorate with craft paper, buttons, and ribbons!
  3. Kids will love these fun confetti poppers using push up containers and confetti. Or make your own confetti by cutting up newspaper into small years ideas for kids 2 blog
  4. Make New Year's brownie squares and use M&M's to “write” out the new year!
  5. Have your kids put some of their favorite things (is this even possible?) into a time capsule. You can also add a list of interview questions to the capsule.
  6. Make New Year's erupting volcanoes with baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, sequins or confetti, and plastic glasses. My kids would love this and I would enjoy the years eve ideas for kids
  7. When the sun goes down, activate some glow sticks and add them to a glass hurricane that can be used as a glow stick centerpiece and then handed out your kids for play!
  8. Make your own countdown goodie bags and fill them with small party favors. As each hour passes by, let your kids open a bag. This would be so fun – my kids loooove surprises.
  9. Let your kids make these DIY New Year's pipe cleaner glasses. Love that these are so simple and fun!

Last but not least, it wouldn't be New Year's Eve without a dance party! This year I'm going to try to make a playlist on Spotify and let my kids dance to the year's best songs.

Happy New Year! Wishing you health, love, and happiness to you and your families in the New Year!!!


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