Shamrock Necklace

Shamrock Necklace

Hey everyone! I know my daughter will be planning for her St. Patrick's Day outfit next week. I thought I would help her add a little more green with this shamrock necklace to help her ward off naughty little leprechauns.

You can make this simple DIY necklace with things you already have lying around the house. Here is my “ingredient list”:

  • Green foam shamrocks (you can also cut out shamrocks with construction paper)
  • 5 drinking straws (green, or white with green stripes)
  • Hole puncher
  • Green yarn
  • Yarn needle

Shamrock necklace parts
Shamrock necklace parts

This is all you need to do to make this necklace:

  1. Punch holes in the foam shamrocks.
  2. Cut the drinking straws to about ¾ height of the shamrocks
  3. Thread the foam shamrocks and straws through the yarn
  4. Tie the ends to get in a knot and cut excess yarn

Shamrock Necklace - Step 1
Shamrock Necklace – Step 1

Walla! This is an easy, mess-free project you can complete with your kids. And, on St. Patrick’s Day, they will have a festive, fun green necklace to wear!

St. Patrick's Shamrock Necklace
St. Patrick's Shamrock Necklace

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