DIY Christmas Ornaments from Green Kid Crafts

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One of our Christmas traditions is to make Christmas ornaments that the kids can all enjoy for years to come. In years past, I would run to the craft store to buy pipe cleaners, pom poms, popsicle sticks, etc. Now, with Green Kid Crafts, you can help Christmas ornament craft kits delivered right to your door.

We ordered the Felt Tree Ornament and Swirly Ornament Craft kits from the Green Kid Crafts website. You’ll see below the packages that we got (minus the box, which we’ll write about in another Green Kid Crafts review.

I especially love these individual craft kits because they come prepackaged with all of the materials you need to complete the crafts.

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (2)

Felt Tree Ornament Craft

The first craft we worked on was the Felt Tree Ornament Craft. It has an instruction card, several felt circles, a sticky backed brown felt piece for the trunk, a wooden dowel, red ribbon, and 2 felt stars with string attached to hang the ornament. The felt circles are nice and heavy, not flimsy felt that you would typically buy at the craft store.

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (4)

Here is the Felt Tree Ornament instruction card. This is a really simple, non-messy craft and could be assemble by a child ages 3 and up, with the help of an adult. I really love non-messy crafts!

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (5)

Noah, who is 6 years old, wanted to make these crafts to help get ready for Christmas. The first step was to line up all of the felt circles so the largest felt circles were on the bottom of the tree, and the smallest felt circles were on the top of the tree. This was a good logical exercise for him, and probably really good for the younger child who is learning how to order objects.

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (6)

The second step was to take expose the sticky back of the brown felt piece, and stick it to the wooden dowel to make the tree trunk. Noah also had to make sure to keep the brown felt piece straight while rolling, which he did need my help with.

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (7)

The fourth step was to tie a red ribbon to the tree trunk so it wouldn’t unfold. Noah tried to tie the bow himself, but he also needed my help with this. He still needs to learn to tie shoes – but that will happen once he stops wearing velcro shoes!

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (8)

The fifth step was to stack the felt circles on top of the dowel. Noah could do this step all by himself!

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (9)

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (10)

The last step was to sandwich the top of the wooden dowel between the adhesive stars. The string was already attached so that was a bonus! Update: We recommend using a hot glue gun to make sure wooden dowel sticks to the stars. Our star separated from the wooden down, but hot glue made it stick.

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (11)

This was the finished Felt Christmas Tree! I really do adore this craft and this ornament will be on our Christmas tree for years to come! Aren’t the colors gorgeous?

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (12)

Swirly Ornaments Craft

The second craft we worked on was the Swirly Ornaments Craft. It has an instruction card, 2 clear ornament bulbs, 3 bottles of acrylic paint (in green, deep metallic gold, and light metallic gold), and 2 ribbons.

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (3)

Here is the instruction card. With paint, I was preparing for a very messy outcome, but this craft ended up being pretty neat. Noah did roll up his long sleeves, but we didn’t need a smock at all!

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (13)

We did use an empty box to contain the mess just in case. Noah started squirting dabs of the acrylic paint into each ornament half. He started with green.

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (14)

Then he went to the deep metallic gold.

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (15)

Then he squirted in the light metallic gold.

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (16)

Then we snapped the ornament halves together, and Noah shook the paint up inside the ornament. He really loved this part and eventually got the whole ornament covered! Once you shake them, you need to open up the ornament halves again and let them dry. We dried ours overnight and they were ready to put back together the next day.

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (17)

This was the finished Swirly Ornament, along with the Felt Tree Ornament. Noah loved both of these crafts and we’ll get to see them year after year on our Christmas tree.

Green Kid Crafts Christmas Ornaments (1)

If you’d like to buy these DIY ornament craft kits, you can get the Felt Tree Ornament Craft Kit and Swirly Ornament Craft Kit at Green Kid Crafts. Right now, they are 40% off, no coupon code needed!

Green Kid Crafts Review – Volcanoes, Crystals & Gems

We got the Green Kid Crafts Volcanoes, Crystals & Gems discovery box a little while ago (November, I think)! My kids really loved this box so I wanted to make sure we shared it with you!

If you're not familiar with Green Kid Crafts, Green Kid Crafts delivers 3-4 eco-friendly, educational activity kits for $19.95/month or less! This box ships via USPS and can be addressed to your child!

This Green Kids Craft box included 5 projects this month: a Create Your Own Crystal kit, a Rock Excavation pack, a Make Your Own Volcano experiment, the Eruption Abstract Art kit and a Geode kit. Each project is neatly packaged separately in zip lock bags (no need to dig around the box looking for materials!) and includes an illustrated instruction card.

Project: Eruption Abstract Art

Here are the materials for the Eruption Abstract Art kit. It included a strip of paint pots, a paint brush, a marble, and black paper.

This Eruption Abstract Art, also known as marble painting, was a huge hit! Noah loved being in charge of just how much of each color was used and where they were placed.

He could hardly wait to add the marble to the box and start shaking it all around. We found that dancing really helped shake it the best. 😉

After removing the marble, Noah decided there wasn't nearly enough paint. We dipped the brush, held it between the box top and opening and tapped the brush on the edge of the box. This really helped give his masterpiece the Jackson Pollack effect, and using the lid as a shield helped us keep any splatter outside the box to a minimum.

We were given just the black paper with the kit, but Noah wanted to see what it would look like on white, so we tried it. He was so proud of his creations and couldn't wait to display them in his room.

Project: Crystal Growing Kit

The materials for the Crystal Growing Kit included a pipe cleaner, white yarn, borax powder, and a round stick.

Noah chose a spiral shape for his pipe cleaner, and wanted to make it “super green—just like the TNMT Mutagen”.

After bringing that water to a boil, we transferred it to the measuring cup so Noah could add the Borax all by himself. He said it was like he was a scientist cooker (chef).

He added some drops of the green coloring and stirred. It wasn't quite green enough, so he added a few more drops. And then, a few more.

All mixed up and ready for the pipe cleaner.

And now we played the waiting game. We taped the stick to the top of the jar to hold it in place and keep the pipe cleaner from touching the sides.

The hardest part about the crystal growing kit was finding the patience to wait the 24+ hours for the crystals to form. But this actually worked!

Project: Rock Excavation Kit

The materials for the Rock Excavation Kit included a rock mineral and gem embedded in plaster, wooden “chisel” sticks, a magnifying glass, and instructions.

This excavation kit was a smashing success! When we first examined the craft kits included in the box, this was the activity Noah was most excited to get to. I did love and appreciate that this project was small and could be done in one sitting – and we had the Green Kid Crafts box handy to keep the mess contained!

His older siblings have tried other rock digging kits before, so he was ecstatic that it was finally his turn (as you can tell by that huge grin).

This activity was a bit more time consuming than anticipated, but that was not an issue whatsoever. Noah really enjoyed every minute of chipping away at the block, anxiously hoping that the next chip would reveal which gems were hidden. Dig, chip, scrape, brush, repeat.

After much digging and being dust covered from head to toe, he was now the proud owner of two beautiful rocks—an aventurine (brownish glass containing sparkling particles of copper or gold) and what we believe to be an amethyst. He carried around those rocks and the excavation tools (pick, brush and tiny magnifying glass) for days.

Project: Erupting Volcano

The materials for the Erupting Volcano project included Crayola Model Magic Clay, baking soda, lava rocks, a cup, and a food coloring tablet.

As most kids will tell you, there isn't a more exciting simple science experiment than creating your own volcano! Liam used the molding clay to form the volcano around the top part of a water bottle, and used the included lava rocks to decorate around the bottom edge. He poured the baking soda inside the volcano and was ready to begin.

After placing the coloring changing tablet in the vinegar, he used the cup that was included to pour small amounts of the vinegar into the top of the volcano. He and Noah were delighted as the pink “lava” erupted down the sides of the volcano, covering the rocks and pooling up at the bottom of the dish. With the amount of baking soda given in the kit, each child was able to create the eruption multiple times; squeals of joy and laughter erupting from the kitchen table with each pour.

Project: Geode Kit

The Geode kit included 2 small geodes, ready to be smashed to see what was inside! My 8-year old rock lover and daughter, Sage, whisked these away to her room so we didn't get to take a photo of the finished product!

My kids loved this month's Green Kid Crafts! All of five projects had some element of science, so I love that they learned something while having fun! All of the projects were appropriate for my 4, 6, and 8 year old!

You can save $60 Green Kid Crafts on a 6-month subscription using this link!

What do you think of Green Kid Crafts?